Anonymous asked: Cameron's bio talks about Harmony, but Harmony's bio says nothing about him. I'm a bit confused?

Yeah, our old Cameron and Harmony had been dating, though that’s not something that has to be continued if other’s take them. Cameron could just be crushing on her simply, it’s something I guess that would have to be up to them.

Anonymous asked: Can I request a few face claims I'd like to see? Kristen Stewart, Amber Heard, Megan Fox, Ashley Greene, Aaron Johnson. :)

Thanks anon, we’ll keep that in mind. But with me being the only really present admin right now, I don’t know how many bios we’ll be releasing right now. However you can always make an OC or change a faceclaim!

Follow Lauren Masters!

Congratulations, Michaela! You’ve been accepted for the role of Lauren Masters. Please make your account within the next 24 hours. Welcome to Hillcrest! 

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Anonymous asked: i sent it in, did it go through?

I just got an app for Lauren Masters so if that’s you, then yes!

Anonymous asked: squeals in excitement

[squealing with you] !!

Anonymous asked: if i send in an app how long before you are to accept it?

I usually accept right away, or within some time of the same day in case a second app for that character comes in.

Anonymous asked: is this rp still active or are the admins busy a lot cus i saw the time stamps on your posts and was just wondering

Yes we’re definitely active. There’s just not a whole lot to be posting on the main right now, which is why it appears like that. But all our character blogs have normal timestamps, because we’re all on everyday. 

Anonymous asked: i cannot believe how many fcs are open! normally they would be scooped up by now!

Yes, we’ve been saying that all along. We do have a lot of popular fcs open :)

Anonymous asked: who runs this?

Nanna and I (Lo) do.